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The Refiner's Fire

The Refiner’s Fire

There burns a fire with sacred heat,

White hot with holy flame,

And all who dare pass through the blaze

Will not emerge the same.

With great skill I’m hammered out

On the anvil of His will.

Each time His purging cleanses deep

As I am processed through His mill.

Though my hope of growing stronger

Keeps my hungry soul alive,

It’s the Refiner’s fire

That My soul desires.

Purged, cleansed, and purified

As I watch my flesh demise;

A Master Craftsman refines my soul

That He may be glorified.

So, to His refinement do I submit

As I approach the mire,

For there is such a sweetness of

His presence—deep within the fire.

(Author unknown)

Submitted by Stanley Roberts, Sr.