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Helping with Tornado Relief Efforts

The number of families affected by the category 5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma this past week is staggering. Please remain vigilant in your prayers for those who have lost so much – their loved ones, homes, and possessions.   As part of the community of believers, it is natural to ask, “What can we do.”

For those of us in the Tyler area, please consider responding to this invitation:

Some of our Church of God brethren will assist the survivors of the Moore tornado by taking non-perishable food items up to the disaster area.  If you would like to contribute to this effort, please bring donated items you have to services this Sabbath (May 25th).   We have found a Church of Christ in Norman that will accept items and get them to the other churches in Moore.

IMPORTANT:   This church in Oklahoma only wants the following items:

Non-perishable food items


Dog Food

Work Gloves


Bottled Water

Please do not bring blankets, clothes, fans, etc.  While these items may be useful eventually, the purpose of this project is only to take items for which there is an immediate need.

Thank you for your help and generosity.