Bible Study Blog


by Margaret “Peggy” Hunter


What kind of gift did God bestow on you?

What ever it is it’s something you can do

He gives us the gift that we can do best

That gift is more special than all the rest


He grant to all something unique to us

Something we already have been given in trust

To use or improve on this we must do

But be thankful for the gift that’s been given to you


What kind of gift do we have to show?

Is it the gift of prophecy or to minister to those we know?

Do we teach or encourage and help our brother

Our gift should also be shared with others


The gifts we inherited we can do something about

But of the gifts God inspires there should be no doubt

For the gifts of God is truly a blessing

To use and share these gifts will be a true testing


Use your gift to glorify God and Christ

For the gifts we have are truly pearls of great price

Use them; develop them, what ever you do

Just know your gift is special only to you.