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A Promise

A Promise

by Margaret "Peggy" Hunter


We made a promise before baptism

That we would follow Gods way as given

That we would be obedient and do all that we can

To give and show love and follow Gods demands


We promise to always put God first

For it was God who call us from our birth

We promise to love God and love others too

This is what our heavenly Father wants us to do


Let us keep the promises that we make

In the presence of God before it’s too late

When we make a promise God expect it to be kept

For we made a promise from down in our depth


Our promises should be more than just words

The promise we give let our heart be stirred

Let the promise we make always be done

When they are not kept on our shoulders weigh a ton


Our Father gave us a promise through his Son

That when Christ returns we will out shine the sun

He promised we would become a righteous nation

So let us be glad and show much jubilation