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Seven Irritating Things About "Noah"

I went to see the movie “Noah” last Friday. I have always liked the history of Noah and the ark. The true meaning is one that a Christian can identify with because we are in many ways like Noah. I have a Tom Dubois print of Noah’s Ark called “Celebration” hanging in my office. I chose this particular painting specifically because I wanted a realistic depiction of Noah’s Ark. I was tired of all the pictures that portrayed the event as a nursery school story or some type of fairytale. So it may be obvious why I would not like this movie.

Burlington Bible Study Series

The Pastors of the Burlington, Ontario congregation are making a year long commitment to have monthly  Bible studies that will be announced in three month increments. Each study will challenge beliefs taken for granted by the Christian wold and will be led by a CGI minister, beginning with Adrian Davis on March 22, 2014.