Bible Study Blog

Learn From Your Children

by Brandy Webb

There are many times when I have heard wisdom from a child. I really believe children display insight because their eyes have yet to be tainted by the world. In essence, they are the true nonconformists.

Innocent and kind, joyful and happy, children are great teachers to us in how we should behave in everyday life. Now, I know they throw fits sometimes, and I am not saying we are now allowed to fall on the floor kicking and screaming when we don’t get our way. What I mean is that we can learn from their good behavior, especially their quick forgiveness and joy.

There have been times that I have had to say sorry to my kids because of not keeping a promise. For instance, one time I told them we would go to the park, and then I got so busy with my daily chores that I forgot. When they reminded me, and I realized it was too late to go, they forgave me as soon as I said sorry. There was no resentment, and they have not held it against me by reminding me constantly of my lack of keeping my word that day. Can we say the same?

Children tend to find joy easily by looking on the brighter side of life. My children go with me to gather eggs, and sometimes it gets discouraging when the hens have a low egg production week.

One day, there was only one egg, and I mentioned, “Man, only one egg!” Jazmyn turned to me and stated, “It is better than none, Mom.”

I love when she can point out the positives. It is something I should be doing on a regular basis. In fact, I really need to learn the good traits of my children, like forgiveness and joy, because “unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 18:3).