Bible Study Blog



by  Margaret “Peggy” Hunter


Do we have as much faith as a mustard seed?

Do we read God’s words, reflect and then take heed

We should help it to grow every day of our life

By calling on God He gives us the might


Have the faith of a mustard seed and trust God’s Spirit

If we listen through our heart we definitely will hear it

God’s breath gave us life and in His life we must have faith

Faith that must grow and grow at a steady rate


The mustard seed is small and our faith started that way to

We must help it enlarge over all the odds that ensue

When we let our faith outgrow the mustard seed

It will let us know we are on the right path to succeed


The faith of a mustard seed Christ wants to bestow

So our faith in God’s word can help us to grow

Let us move the mountain of sin from our life

With the faith that was given to us by Jesus Christ